Atomic Mechanics

Evaluation Kit

The AM Evaluation Kit (EVK) is a flexible sensor film and PCB that is a low-cost and simple way to quickly evaluate the key benefits of our sensor technology and will allow you to understand how you can design it into your next product.

Product Description

The Atomic Mechanics EVK provides a fully functional flexible transparent force sensor film straight out of the box that is easy to connect to your Laptop or PC. The EVK consists of a flexible transparent film force sensor film, a drive circuitry and a real-time force analysis software.

The force sensor film can be laminated or layered onto or in-between any surfaces. Due to its excellent optical transparency it can also be applied on top of displays or optical sensors. The sensor film has force sensors embedded in the film which can detect the force of fingers, tools or any other objects touching its surface. These force sensors can also be used for safety-critical applications to detect unintended contact with a touch screen. The force sensor films can be designed to operate at any particular force range, where you require a high resolution sensor to pick up very delicate interactions or a wide-range sensor to detect high-impact or gradual pressure changes on the film’s surface.

The EVK software allows the user to visualise detailed and real-time information on the force of touch and permits the user to save data for further detailed analysis.


What's Included

2x EVK Transparent Sensor Film

1x EVK Drive

1x EVK Converter Circuitry

1x Molex groove connector

1x USB Cable

1x Power Cable

Technical Documentation

Atomic Mechanics Evaluation Kit - Datasheet

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