Atomic Mechanics

Interactions brought to life on any surface

Atomic Mechanics sensors enable any surface to sense human-like touch interactions

Product Platform

Transparent sensor-film

Transparent flexible force sensor film ready for integration
into your products.

Expand your design space

Our sensors can be manufactured to any shape, size and can be integrated
into curved or flexible materials opening up new design possibilities.

Modular sensor patch

Custom sensor layout

High density sensor array

Unobtrusive and flexible materials

Atomic Mechanics sensor films are flexible and return to their original state after rigorous
bending. They are also extremely thin and are optically transparent. This allows sensors to
be integrated at any level of your product without affecting its appearance, texture or
mechanical performance.

Flexible and robust

Films can be integrated into curved and flexible devices as well as wearables.


Our sensor films are less than 0.3mm thick and can therefore be easily integrated into multi-layer display modules.

Full transparency

Sensor patches can be seamlessly integrated onto the surface of displays of other transparent films.

Precise force measurement

Our force sensors measure the direct force applied to its surface. These sensors
have a miniature footprint and can be multiplexed in large arrays to
enable real-time pressure mapping.

True pressure sensing

Sensing elements measure the real pressure at a specific location. Existing technologies measure the compression of a single material which is then used to give an approximation of the applied force.

High resolution pressure mapping

High-density arrays of sensors allow the mapping of precise pressure profiles of any interacting object.

Tunable pressure range

Sensing elements can be tuned to have an arbitrary pressure response by adjusting the sensor geometry. Existing force-sensors are limited to a single pressure range and a single force sensitivity.

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